Top 15 Fastest WordPress Themes of 2019 for Fast Page Loading

Time is money. If you make your visitors wait too long by having a slow loading website, they are going to leave. This holds irrespective of the quality of your content or your service.

However, a slow loading website isn’t that big of a problem especially if you are using WordPress.

And to help you out, I have put together a comprehensive list of the Fastest WordPress themes to help you out.

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7 Best Free CDN Providers for WordPress Blog in 2019

The most important thing, when it comes to your blog, is its loading speed!

If your website loads slowly, you will lose a lot of visitors because no one is patient enough to wait for the site to load as they can just go to some other site. So you have to pay attention to make your site load faster so that no one leaves your site because of its speed.

You might have already optimized everything on your blog, but if you are not yet using CDN for your site, then you haven’t yet optimized the speed fully.

If you start using a CDN (Content Delivery Network), the speed of your WordPress blog will improve drastically and you will be able to provide all the content to your visitors easily so that they don’t just leave your site.

Let’s first understand, what is a CDN & how does it boost your blog speed?

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